About this Blog

IMG_2360aAs you might have guessed by the title, this blog focuses on fatherhood from a Christian perspective.  Yet, I am hoping to make the blog more than posts about the rewards and challenges of being a father.  Through the experiences of fatherhood, I believe that God stretches, teaches and grows us.  It is this concept that I hope to explore more fully in my posts.  I will be writing about my experiences with my children and the things that God has taught me through my successes and failures.

I am not a writer or a reader if the truth be told.  In fact, whenever possible, I look for every distraction possible to avoid these two activities .  So writing a blog is definitely out of my comfort zone.  However, the idea of writing about my experiences as a father and how these experiences have taught me about God the Father refuses to leave me.  I have no idea where this blog will take me but I am embarking on this journey…at the least it will be a keepsake for my children someday.  If you have comments to make about my writing, suggested improvements or comments, please visit my contact page.  I would appreciate your feedback.